Writing a terms of reference

ToRs often specify when a project is expected to launch, when a detailed evaluation plan or inception report will be expected, and so on. There should be a logical progression between the purpose of the evaluation, its specific objectives, and the questions posed in relation to each objective.

Saturation -- a situation in which data analysis begins to reveal repetition and redundancy and when new data tend to confirm existing findings rather than expand upon them.

The ToR should clearly specify when such topics are not a focus of the envisioned tasks. A utopian world is exactly the opposite--a paradise of some sort. The manager or team overseeing the ToR development should be strategic on consulting key stakeholders--such as line ministries, project units, and so forth--to hear their opinions and recommendations and reflect these in the document where possible.

Blown buds of barren flowers Methodology -- a theory or analysis of how research does and should proceed. We often utilize this technique for poetry, but for fiction it works as well to tease out the effect of certain words or phrases, uses of repetition, references to earlier events in the text, or hints about what is to come.

It is the view that reality cannot be understood outside of the way humans interact and that the idea that knowledge is constructed, not discovered. The Company does not warrant that the Goods supplied are error-free, accurate or complete.

ProCess of WriTing and imPlemenTing The Tor 21 Process of Writing and Implementing the ToR Once the preparatory phase is over, and the decision is to proceed with the evaluation, the following steps help ensure that ToR can help achieve the intended outcomes of the evaluation. Usually an extended realistic fictional prose narrative most often describing "a recognizable secular social world often in a skeptical and prosaic manner.

List of Glossary

In a carefully constructed survey, for example, factor analysis can yield information on patterns of responses, not simply data on a single response. Covariate -- a product of the correlation of two related variables times their standard deviations.

Key elements generally highlighted here include: Meta-Analysis -- an analysis combining the results of several studies that address a set of related hypotheses. This type of critical writing sets precise criteria for evaluation, providing fair and solid supporting evidence so that the reader can form their opinion about the subject.

Writing it requires careful planning and research in order to support specific organizational objectives or decision making. An idea or statement which emphasizes general characteristics rather than specific manifestations.

Modernist buildings do not try to look like older forms. Articulating the governance and accountability arrangements. Dependent Variable -- a variable that varies due, at least in part, to the impact of the independent variable.The following Project Terms of Reference Template provides an overview of the key sections of a TOR document.

In this article I describe the definition and content of TOR. The template is available for fee download as currclickblog.com file. Terms of Reference for Case Review Jointly commissioned by Tusla and HSE Cork Former Foster Home Case Introduction These are the terms of reference for a case review jointly commissioned by the HSE and Tusla into the circumstances where a vulnerable young adult (“Mary”) with an intellectual disability, in receipt of services.

1 – Policy Committee Terms of Reference

writing terms of reference (tor) This checklist is a tool for evaluation managers and evaluation focal points to guide the inclusion of critical elements and the subsequent writing of the Terms of Reference (TOR) for independent. Terms of reference template. This template is designed to help you develop terms of reference for a group such as a project advisory group or panel.

Terms of Reference

The suggested headings and questions are not intended to be prescriptive but will give you some ideas based on what other people have included in their terms of reference. The Terms of Reference for Research Template should be used in conjunction with the Writing Terms of Reference for Research guidelines.

Using these the researcher will be able to produce a Terms of Reference that is comprehensive and effective. Writing Terms of Reference for an Evaluation: A How To Guide Developed by the Independent Evaluation Group of The World Bank. It provides a detailed description on how to prepare an evaluation Terms of Reference (ToR) and includes a checklist at the end to help users.

Writing a terms of reference
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