Sylabbus notes on conflict in indochina essay

In most of these responses, candidates supported the judgement with examples to show how effective these movements were in resisting apartheid. Involvement and the Cold War Context: Familiarize the students with the differences between nationalist movements in Indo China and India.

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Candidates were not required to use historiography in their responses and its poor use detracted from the effectiveness of some responses. Question 23 — Option C: In weaker responses, candidates included a descriptive narrative of the role of Riefenstahl without addressing the question.

Although some responses referred to historians in their answers, this was not a necessary requirement for this question. In better responses, candidates presented a sustained argument that addressed the reasons for the initial consolidation of Nazi power in —, as well as how this was achieved.

Vincent van gogh self portrait Contribution of Women and the End of Vietnam War Vietnamese women made significant contributions to nationalist causes since ancient times. Types of minerals, distribution Note: In weaker responses, candidates did not refer to both sources or shared limited knowledge.

The elite Vietnamese were very influenced by the Chinese culture. The war received a lot of criticism around the world and in US as numerous people had been killed on both sides. Although reference to historians was not required, responses needed to include relevant, detailed and accurate historical knowledge that supported their argument.

Overall, religious movements had a contradictory relationship with mainstream nationalism. By this we mean removing any facts that you either know or are not important enough to remember. Create awareness of the role of financial institutions from the point of view of day-to- day life. Writer and policy-maker, Paul Bernard believed that the prime motive behind acquiring colonies was to flourish business and make profits.

Syllabuses A–Z (Stage 6)

Chapter 5 Objectives Familiarisation of some macroeconomic concepts. In weaker responses, candidates tended to describe the role of Speer, at times referring to historians, without effectively linking either his role or the historians to the argument.Jul 24,  · -examine th erole played by the superpowers in the Indochina conflict in the period -Account for the failure of the S Vietnamese Gov't to achive victory by Keep the thread going by adding any assessment questions or essay topics you get for this module.

List of all HSC or Stage 6 (Year 11 and 12) syllabuses in alphabetical order. Get an answer for 'What differences or similarities existed in US policy towards Cuba and Vietnam with respect to the ideas of "containment" and "rollback"?

In an essay on the "rollback" strategy. This is an assessment task for the topic Conflict in Indochina. It is designed for students of the NSW Modern History Syllabus for the Australian Curriculum Higher School Certificate course Peace and Conflict Option C: Conflict in Indochina It includes 10 multiple choice questions and a source-based activity on guerrilla warfare.

Modern history assessment essay, also question in HSC exam. Conflict in the pacific, question - Assess the impact of the war in the pacific on the Japanese and Australian home fronts. vietnam and the indochina conflict Download vietnam and the indochina conflict or read online books in PDF, EPUB, Tuebl, and Mobi Format.

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Sylabbus notes on conflict in indochina essay
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