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Educate employees to update and email forms instead of printing. Minimize paper advertising wherever possible - store catalogs online; send electronic newsletters, brochures, annual reports, etc.

Tuesday, February 9, 18 Do it Yourself: Use broad headings for all your files. What to keep, what to toss Before you can establish an efficient records management system, you have to know what you have and how long to keep it—legally and for your own business purposes.

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Just write your child's name with a permanent-ink pen, and press it on. I started by creating a list of categories for all of the papers I touch every day. Although I usually advise against it, there are times when it Office paper organizer worth it to hold on to extra hardware and wood scraps.

Respond to employee feedback and alter programs as needed. Wiki software allows users to create and update web pages easily, either through a hosted site on the Internet or on your office intranet. Analyze all printer and copier settings to minimize paper use. Paperless Task Management and Note Taking: Send electronic employee newsletters or post online.

We pressed the plugs into the flat head screw with the help of the round end of a screwdriver a hammer would also do the trick. My next plan was to scour my personal office supplies; surely I had paper sorting trays coming out of my ears. Use the Paper Calculator to compare the benefits of different recycled office paper products.

So how did I tackle my piles? We had a drawer of these on hand in our storage room, saved up from a few previous organizational projects. If they are too hard to access or too complex, will you really keep up with it from day to day?

I actually blogged about how I filed and organized my paper piles awhile back here and here. Ask employees to "e-sign" a paper reduction pledge and, in general, encourage a "think before you print or copy" mentality.

What office project have you been putting off, but now has you jumping for joy now that it is done? Schedule regular meetings and report your progress to upper management on a quarterly basis. And the reason for the unplanned post is because this project was also unplanned. Consider using electronic signature software such as DocuSign or the app iPEGS to minimize the need for printing, signing, and mailing documents.

Closet, Storage, and Office Organizers Choose a slide Well-organized closets, storage areas, and office spaces can help you save time, open up your living quarters, and restore beauty and order to your home. Create a centralized online location for all forms. Follow our easy ideas for storing anything and everything in your home.

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I am just sharing what is working for us and how we are trying to handle things better. I am not a financial pro or consultant, so recycle and shred at your own risk.

Forty five minutes later and I had all of my paper piles sorted! Discourage Printing of Emails: While a utility knife easily sliced the excess tape for a nice and clean finish.

Buy products with minimal packaging. It made sense for fewer and far between docs that I need less frequently. This truly serves as an inspiration for me to tame that paperwork beast.

Coreen November 7, at 1: This box was now a "To Shred and Recycle" box instead of a paper hoarding box. Organizing the charging cabinet was no exception.

So, consider me half way there already.

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Setup boxes in supply rooms and ask employees to drop off unwanted, lightly used notepads, notebooks, sticky pads, folders, and other paper products from their desk or home. Send as many documents as possible electronically.

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Start Slideshow 1 of 24 Color-Coded Clipboards Just carrying a clipboard makes you feel as though you have your act together; hang a bunch on the wall and you really will -- with an instant filing system.

Some documents, for legal or financial reasons, must be kept a specified length of time see tip OUT with the pieced together college dorm room dysfunctional pieces and in with the new, beautiful, organized pieces which will turn my office back into the space I USE to love and enjoy being in for hours at a time!Mind Reader Desk Organizer with 3 Sliding Trays for Letters, Documents, Mail, Files, Paper, Organize your school supplies and office supplies fast and easy.

Wall files make it easy to organize paperwork that has multiple sheets or configurations. This effective organization system is commonly used in hospitals to hold patient charts and test results. It works equally well for organizing ingoing and outgoing paperwork in offices and printed materials in research or educational environments.

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Office paper organizer
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