Kodak pestle analysis

Kodak should continue leveraging and improving its presence on the Internet through various digital initiatives. Rates of technological development have generated intense competition for WaterCo which to a large extent has increased the demand for internal adaptation to these technological changes.

This reduces any risks of brand confusion or poor representation, commonly associated with endorsements. However, Kodak is betting too much on the strength of its brand alone, while competitors enlist the help of famous characters like Ashton Kutcher Nikonand Maria Sharapova Canon to energize its brand.

The other consumer products do not suffer from negative price differentiation, and thus we do not believe an opportunity exists to change the pricing of these products. Strategies need to effectively respond to outside forces causing revolutionary and evolutionary changes.

The brand name of Kodak helps the company to create huge investments in the market. Economically also globalisation has increased the number of and size of competitors which threaten Kodak thus economic considerations in organisational change for Kodak have occurred at micro and macro levels.

For WaterCo the sociological context of human resource has been a major influence. Flexibility in terms of labour in British firms has been mainly achieved by enlarging the scope of tasks Poole and Jenkin, and a relaxation of organisational boundaries, Geary, Vision Statement "The vision of Eastman Kodak is to be a world class company and a leading imaging company in protecting the quality of environment and the health and safety of customers, employees and communities in which company operates its business" Kodak, A flatter organisational structure can be used in order to improve communication processes and employee training, Graetz et all, Therefore organisational change is the result of external environmental changes and internal demands in terms of structure, system, product and human resources necessary for the organisation to mediate successfully the various elements in change.

There is not always a link or message that directs consumers to retailers Kodak prefers. This has been as a result of processes of globalisation opening up more markets and bringing more competition for the company.

As Greiner points out each of the growth phases begins with a period of evolution and followed with a revolutionary period which pushes the organisation into the next stage of growth for firms within the specified industry. The current marketing campaigns are not driving the number of customers necessary to create the sense of community that Kodak is expecting, nor generating the revenues the company needs to survive.

Collaborate with expert to enhance the competency. After the management realized the change andreact accordingly but it was too late Strategies of Eastman Kodak Vertical integration combined with continuous innovation and product development.

As a result employees in WaterCo have become more flexi-skilled and multi-skilled following training which focuses on their own core knowledge for certain positions and more self-management in task performance flowing from and contributing to a flatter organisation architecture.

A comprehensive program designed to include all desirable features is nearly impossible due to the speed at which the industry evolves. Support your arguments with evidence from the two cases. For this purpose, a celebrity spokesperson could be highly effective.

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For both companies though the nature of these influences are inextricably linked to social, legal and political factors.4 External Analysis Industry Overview For the purposes of this analysis, Eastman Kodak will be classified under the Digital Imaging industry, acknowledging that the industry contains sub-industries that, when combined, place a company in the Digital Imaging industry.

PESTEL Analysis on KODAK *Logo protected by copyrights of Kodak Due to high stakes and financial liabilities, investors sued Kodak PESTEL Kodak-Stock Market Analysis Annual Report Lithographic aluminium is the core component or raw material.

Discontinued businesses – Personalized imaging and document imaging, digital capture and devices. PESTLE Analysis for Schools or Education April 19, by Mike Morrison A PESTLE analysis is a tool that can provide prompts to the governors, management and staff involved in the analysis of the changes in the school’s environment that could impact future.

Jun 12,  · Pest Analysis On Eastman Kodak Company Discuss Pest Analysis On Eastman Kodak Company within the Principles of Management (P.O.M) forums, part of the PUBLISH / UPLOAD PROJECT OR DOWNLOAD REFERENCE PROJECT category; Eastman Kodak Company is a multinational US corporation which produces imaging and photographic materials and equipment.

Here is the SWOT analysis of Kodak which is a technology company most known for its polaroid cameras. It has lost major market share since digital adoption.

Eastman Kodak Company PESTEL & Environment Analysis

Kodak is one of the most trusted & renowned brand in the camera industry since its inception. Eastman Kodak is a technology company focused on imaging. Pestle Analysis A pestle analysis is one of the most popular and effective methods of analysing the external macroeconomic factors that could impact on a business within a specific industry.

Commonly, a pestle analysis will be used alongside other analyses that focus on internal factors.

Kodak pestle analysis
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