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The good thing is that it was for outdoor use, so we took it outside and never thought about the smell again until I had to buy a new tire for it.

The whole hallway smelled like a chemical plant. They are not wearable because of this smell. It actually pulls apart from the mouthpiece. I just turned it on again, and the odor is much diminished.

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August 27, [China unconfirmed as source] I came across your site as I was searching for any discussion about odors being emitted by shelving systems. I am going to put the purses int eh garage. The big piece in the front here, this is the battery, this is the part that you put into the charger to plug into the wall to charge up.

This little screen in here can easily fall out. Euphoria really smells like men perfume when you reach the middle notes, but later it gets soapy and clean with just a hint of woods. I wake up coughing and struggling to breathe.

Iv ordered a new one but don't think the problem will go away. It has committed a "legal crime" and justice needs to prevail! The smell was so overwhelmingly strong that I quickly traced it to some shoe bags that a pair of new shoes my husband just bought had come in.

I certainly find it very suspect and something that smells like that -- how can you not question, if not RUN the other way?

I was sick the whole time. My helper with bee work, had similar bumps and stiff tendon. The CHinese people are laughing to the bank with the stupid brainwashed American people. They all had it, however, the full carpet ones only had thin rubber lining on the bottom, so they were tolerable.

September 9, Recently I bought these heavily discounted made in a China boots for my son at a menswear store. This smell is not the same smell you might smell going into Harbor Freight, which has another unique unpleasant smell.

Jun AHeartLikeMine I tried this in the store on a whim, and was surprised at how fruity and sweet it was. I came across your website while looking for ways to absorb this toxic?

Paris Charles De Gaulle. I don't know how long I had them just laying in my back seat. I had no idea that I could have bad reactions to sitting on a chair. Apparently a lot of wheelchairs are made in China. September 26, [China unconfirmed as source] I have long been sensitive to the odor emitting from the 'new' wave of plastic goods circulating on the consumer market.

November 16, [China unconfirmed as source] I have encountered two products that smell the same and very noxious.Ok so the situation with the AtmosRAW is a little more complex than the other vapes I’ve reviewed. Originally, Atmos shipped these out to everybody with it combusting herbs and performing like an electronic pipe, not a vaporizer.

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$15 for $30 worth of hookah and drinks; $25 for $50 worth of hookah and drinks; $50 for $ worth of hookah and drinks. These Groupons are not valid after 11 Price: $ A man seizes a bottle of liquor by its neck, lifts it off its grooved feet, and hurls it into the air.

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Groupon off the hookah
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