Essay merits demerits watching television

Reality shows are playing major role in our TV. It expands your mind. Studies have shown that there is a correlation between watching television and obesity. Studies show that children consistently imitate the violence they see on TV, and continued exposure to TV violence desensitizes them and makes them less empathetic.

Entertainment Watching Television kick our bore mode and make it fresh and entertaining in the shape of music, videos and movies.

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One study Essay merits demerits watching television the University of Rochester found that people felt more energetic after watching nature scenes. This is actually a medium for telecommunication. In this busy, expensive life, television is an easy and cheap source of entertainment.


Programs that are informative and teach them easily are also available in such channels. Eye Diseases Biggest disadvantages of playing online video games is screen and graphics of these animations are output some high definition dangerous rays.

And small kids also adopt these negative addicts in their selves and perform these actions outdoor. There are a lot of Channels that have always in movie or songs modes. As soon as they get home, they turn it on. World of Fashion Watch the Latest dress designs, jewelry designs, shoe designs and latest news and updated of fashion world.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Television (TV) – Essay, Speech, Article

But before going towards pros and cons I will tell little introduction about Television or TV. The biggest pros of this technology is we can connect ourselves with computer and control all the internal system with our body movements.

And TV is now become slimmer and have hundreds of features as compare to old TVs. List of famous manufacturing companies are below. We compromise are sleep when addicted to television. Yoga and Karate TV have plenty of channels that provide us health information.

The more we watch television, the more is the electricity bill. Secret publicity essays on contemporary art paintings.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Television

Television can also be a good way to help people learn a different language. Mentally Disturb The News channels shows some sad news which put human always mentally and people think more negative. After knowing something about TV, in second step we will read maximum advantages and disadvantages of television.

If you want to advertise your product it will become popular at once and business sales and profit will increase automatically with the help of advertisement of products on television.

We may not concentrate on studies if watching too much of television. You can watch movies, listen to songs, watch daily soaps, horror series etc. Amrita Television Channel - A leading Malayalam entertainment channel in Kerala Amrita Television is a 24 hour Malayalam channel which provides shows on various departments of visual media such as reality shows, movies, serials, news, cookery shows etc.

We call it "the idiot box" and "the boob tube. At the same time their reading habits are also very low. What is Television TV Television TV is an electronic device with screen that deliver us an information in the graphic shapes with the help of broadcasting signals.Advantages and Disadvantages of watching Television/TV Essay shoaibraza August 22, Electronics 2 Comments 48, Views TV or Television is the wonderful invention by scientist, and there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages of watching television.

Merits And Demerits Of Watching Tv. 7b) Schiffer Persuasive Essay Watching television is an experience shared by most adults and children. It is cheap, appealing and within the reach of the general public. In this way TV has become an important media around the world.

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Essay merits demerits watching television
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