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Again the police refused their help. Continuum Publishing Corporation, Orr, Leonard. Blacks from the rural South who served in the military were less willing to tolerate racial abuse and "Jim Crow" segregation laws once they returned home. Those who know the American character know that if the problem is not soon solved by wisdom, it will be solved by one of those cataclysmic outbursts which have so often disgraced -- and saved!

Klan leaders measured the worth of their speeches and other works by the way their intended audience responded.

The Modern Temper: American Culture and Society in the 1920s

It left many employers determined to return to the status quo ante bellum. With the Bible in doubt, with Victorian an epithet, and with middle-class verities shattered by the war, a new generation set out to find new rules.

American Sports Fiction, It failed completely and unequivocally. Continuum Publishing Corporation, Here the secrecy of the Klan could work to enhance or to diminish its role.

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Their only moral yardstick is the prowress of the race, of the nation, of the community. The members of the first Klan were overwhelmingly Protestant but anti-Catholicism formed no part of their movement.

The modern temper : American culture and society in the 1920s

Additional Information In lieu of an abstract, here is a brief excerpt of the content: These fortuitous conditions may be the result of the new freedom, or mere coincidences. Her golden rule is plain enough - Just get them young and treat them rough.

No such doubt remained for the leaders of the great Steel Strike of Even as the Klan enforced "traditional moral standards" in small communities, they continued to go "by the boards" in the nation, as Imperial Wizard Evans lamented.

There shipyard workers struck for higher wages. They could not become real Americans, however, because centuries of persecution had engrained in them a congenital inability to feel patriotism.

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Gone were the days when young men called upon young women at home and couples sat in the parlor at the piano and sang duets while parents hovered in the background. Greece, Finland, Armenia, and Syria were also significant sources of newcomers.

Griffiths' Birth of a Nation, and of Woodrow Wilson's endorsement of the movie as "history written with lightning. Evans' initial formulation in "The Klan's Fight for Americanism" was intentionally vague: Immigration restriction designed to favor "Nordic" groups was a foregone conclusion.

Men still go philandering, and sometimes maidens listen to their amorous wooings. The blacks run out of Tulsa? When freed from persecution these Jews have shown a tendency to disintegrate and amalgamate.

Race riots provided a grotesque parallel. Stephenson for kidnapping and rape. Little wonder, Klan spokesmen charged, that Catholics had enjoyed such success keeping Bible reading out of the schools or that bootleggers openly flouted the Volstead Act.

Foster in the great Steel Strike of further impressed the image of Bolshevik-led revolution on the popular imagination. He wishes to explain why some fascist movements succeeded in gaining power, something the KKK never even approached doing. Know Nothings and Klansmen: Green-Lewis, Jennifer, and Margaret Soltan.

Don DeLillo's End Zone. Both movements promoted themselves as dedicated to the reform of American life as a whole. Paxton, looking at European fascisms, emphasizes the fear of a left-wing revolution.

White Americans then shared the Revolutionary experience and later the naval war with France and the War of against Great Britain.


And who, pray, are the customers? Discusses the depiction of Gladney family and shows how in shopping and supermarkets "consumer capitalism brilliantly exploits the need for strengthening family bonds that it has itself, in part, destroyed" Colored gentlemen drive Pierce Arrows and dusky maidens sport the furs of the arctics.

So too with left-wing politics. The Paradox of American Patriotism makes this point very persuasively. Why, we need to ask, did these changes on these themes resonate so clearly and so loudly for so many?THE MODERN TEMPER: American Culture and Society in the s User Review - Kirkus.

An accessible yet thoroughly detailed account of a time in American history that seems very much like our own.

“There is hardly any political question in the United States that sooner or later does not turn into a judicial question. From that, the obligation that the parties find in their daily polemics to borrow ideas and language from the judicial system.

This book report on "The modern Temper: The American Culture and Society in the s" by Lynn Dumenil summarizes the content of the book and praises Dumenil on her unique insight of this period.

The Modern Temper Document Overview: World War I unleashed forces that caused severe social strains in the United States.

In the American economy suffered a brief but sharp recession as factories and businesses shifted back to peacetime production.

The Cambridge Companion to Modern American Culture

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The Modern Temper: American Culture and Society in the s I had to read this book for a graduate level American History class. It is alright. Its dominance suggests that the practices of the people in the past are almost similar to the behavior of characters in modern day society.

The similarity also manifest from the cultural believes of the people in the modern day Scotland.

Book report modern temper american culture and society 192
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