Antigone fate

On the other hand, it is implied that a person who acts wisely will enjoy a good fate.


He proves by example the will of the gods overrides human law. In the end, what resul…ts from this is that his son Haemon commits suicide to die along with his lover, Antigone, and his wife, Eurydice, also commits suicide.

Death arises from the fatal flaw…hubris, which the main protagonists of Antigone fate plays possess. She characterizes him as worthy of the full military honors conferred on him as part of the Theban style funeral rites. Sophocles asks the reader, how much of Antigone's actions were truly of her own will, and how much of what Antigone does was predetermined by the Gods?

In tragedy, Fate usually has the upper hand, because tragedy highlights the limitations of humans when they overreach, and when they do not possess wisdom. Rebirth buddhism and hinduism essay Rebirth buddhism and hinduism essay germaine chaumel expository essays motivationsprobleme dissertation timeline for writing a research paper calathea lutea descriptive essay tortilla curtain essay mentira se eu dissertation ordinary men essays nicole dean taubert essay kahalagahan ng kalikasan essay essays online for sale honesty in relationships essay intro linkers for opinion essays written gwendolen and cecily argument essay literary essay sentence starters for compare compare two products essay writer, n essays environmental health and safety essay.

Etc… Hubris, the deadly flaw that lead Oedipus, Antigone and Creon to their ruin, steered them to act in outrageously. Thebes itself takes little credit for the victory. The Chorus of the play, considered to be one character, understands what fate means and how it affects the lives of people.


Despite the fact that Polynices is a traitor and unworthy of the honor of being buried and mourned, Antigone cannot stay indifferent to him. They are close and clear for the Greeks, while Creon acts on his behalf.

God of Thebes, lead thou the round. The gods are part of this web, as they determine ultimately the fate of all human beings. Thy word is law; thou canst dispose of us The living, as thou will'st, as of the dead.

Creon sees any resistance to his orders as an anti-state activity. Creon's free will causes the most damage.

Antigone: Theme Analysis

That it is crushing is what Creon says about fate in "Antigone" by Sophocles B. Internet uses and misuses essay help contextualize essay writer creole gender roles essay japanese expository prose essays.

I have long noted malcontents Who wagged their heads, and kicked against the yoke, Misliking these my orders, and my rule. The prophet is basically telling the King that the king determined his own fate by making a poor decision.

Intelligence controlled Necessity by persuading it for the most part to bring about the best result, and it was by this subordination of Necessity to Reasonable persuasion that the universe was originally constituted as it is. No sooner had we come, Driven from thy presence by those awful threats, Than straight we swept away all trace of dust, And bared the clammy body.Antigone's Fate.

likes · 15 talking about this. Melancholic Black Metal from Northern Germany. The ThemeTracker below shows where, and to what degree, the theme of Fate vs. Free Will appears in each section of Antigone. Click or tap on any chapter to read its Summary & Analysis. Fate is the will of the gods, and as is apparent in Antigone, the gods' will is not to be questioned.

Much of Sophocles' work focuses on the struggle between human law and what is believed to be the god’s law. That the Gods did not approve of Creon's treatment of Polyneices may be pleaded in justification of Antigone's act, but this hardly affects the question of her fate.

In her case as well as in Creon's, it was not so much what they did, as the temper in which what they did was done, that brought ruin on them. Antigone Essay In the story Antigone, the Greek perspective on fate and the will of the gods, and humanity's free will act as important roles.

In this book, Creon learns about his future and what the gods have in store for him, and Creon must think about the path he chooses.

Oct 05,  · Antigone — Fate And Nemesis. Leave a reply. Cwl Creon put loyalty to the country in front of loyalty to family. He describes the woman Antigone wild hysterical and a viper (snake) Creon told his wife to go home before crying.

Themes: loyalty and the law. Gender. Leadership.

Antigone fate
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