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By polo had spread throughout the Indian subcontinent and had reached China, where it became a passion among those wealthy enough to own horses. A more plausible date for the transformation of cat and rounders into baseball iswhen a New York bank clerk named Alexander Cartwright formulated the rules of the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club.

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They left it to an Englishman, Walter Wingfield, to modernize the game of tenniswhich originated in Renaissance France, but the French took the lead, early in the 19th century, in the development of the bicycle and in the popularization of cycling races.

Technicians sought 253553 essay perfect equipment. Whereas the successful prosecution of the war requires every possible protection against espionage and against sabotage to national-defense material, national-defense premises, and national-defense utilities as defined in Section 4, Act of April 20,40 Stat.

These games were part of Greek religion and were not, therefore, autotelic; the contests in the Odysseyon the other hand, were essentially secular. It was not unusual to combine the skills of the wrestler with those of a mystic poet.

Infor instance, the German Democratic Republic East Germanywith a population of some 16 million, outscored the United States, 15 times its size. These noncompetitive alternatives to modern sports also flourished in eastern Europe during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

As long as wars were fought with bow and arrowarchery contests continued to serve as demonstrations of ready prowess. There were also ball games for ordinary men and women. Indeed, the munera, which pitted man against man, and the venationeswhich set men against animals, became popular even in the Greek-speaking Eastern Empire, which historians once thought immune from the lust for blood.

Hunters are depicted in prehistoric art, but it cannot be known whether the hunters pursued their prey in a mood of grim necessity or with the joyful abandon of sportsmen.

The violence of the game, which survived in Britain and in France until the late 19th century, prompted Renaissance humanists, such as Sir Thomas Elyotto condemn it as more likely to maim than to benefit the participants. In general, Greek culture included both cultic sports, such as the Olympic Games honouring Zeusand secular contests.

Of the armed as opposed to unarmed martial arts, archery was among the most important in the lives of Asian warriors from the Arabian to the Korean peninsulas. In paintings found at Beni Hassan, in a tomb dating from the Middle Kingdom —c.

While the British Isles may be considered the homeland of modern sports, modern physical education can be traced back to German and Scandinavian developments of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.

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Among repressed ethnic peoples such as the Poles and Czechs, gymnastics became almost a way of life. In the form that survived into the 21st century, Afghan buzkashi is characterized by a dusty melee in which hundreds of mounted tribesmen fought over the headless carcass of a goat.

The first Paris—Rouen race took place in ; the Tour de France was inaugurated in The emperor Augustus instituted the Actian Games in 27 bce to celebrate his victory over Antony and Cleopatra, and several of his successors began similar games, but it was not until the later empire, especially during the reign of Hadrian — cethat many of the Roman elite developed an enthusiasm for Greek athletics.

Nevertheless, there is some evidence that the latter contests were actually more popular than the former. Rugby football flourishes in other postcolonial cultures, such as New Zealand and South Africawhere the British once ruled.

I hereby further authorize and direct all executive Departments, independent establishments and other Federal Agencies, to assist the Secretary of War or the said Military Commanders in carrying out this Executive Order including the furnishing of medical aid, hospitalization, food, clothing, transportation, use of land, shelter, and other supplies, equipment, utilities, facilities, and services.

These equestrian games may in fact be the most distinctive Asian contribution to the repertory of modern sports. Assume that the engines have a remaining useful life of two years and no expected salvage value.

Indeed, 15th- and 16th-century elites preferred dances to sports and delighted in geometric patterns of movement. In such exhibitions, pharaohs such as Amenhotep II ruled — bce never competed against anyone else, however, and there is reason to suspect that their extraordinary achievements were scribal fictions.

Pairs of mounted knights jousting simultaneously; woodcut, Courtesy of the Trustees of the British Museum; photograph, J. Wanted homologies of herpetic furiousness can vivisect after asbestos-containing vagaries are banged thru cutting, slagging or backward undergoing activities.

In almost every instance, the first to adopt football were the cosmopolitan sons of local elites, many of whom had been sent to British schools by their Anglophile parents.

The word record, in the sense of an unsurpassed quantified achievement, appeared, first in English and then in other languages, late in the 19th century, but the concept went back nearly years.

That it cannot simply be assumed that they were contests is clear from the evidence presented by Greek and Roman antiquity, which indicates that ball games had been for the most part playful pastimes like those recommended for health by the Greek physician Galen in the 2nd century ce.

Sports that originally began elsewhere, such as tennis which comes from Renaissance Francewere modernized and exported as if they too were raw materials imported for British industry to transform and then export as finished goods.

Sports of the ancient Mediterranean world Egypt Sports were unquestionably common in ancient Egyptwhere pharaohs used their hunting prowess and exhibitions of strength and skill in archery to demonstrate their fitness to rule. Archaeological evidence also indicates that ball games were common among ancient peoples as different as the Chinese and the Aztecs.

Although the traditional sport of boxing flourished throughout the 18th century, it was not until that boxer-entrepreneur Jack Broughton formulated rules to rationalize and regulate the sport.

Cricket and rugby seemed to require British rule in order to take root.View Essay - Total Cost Minimization from ENG at University of Windsor. Total Cost Minimization 1 Total Cost Minimization Total Cost Minimization 2 Due to the continuous advancement in the.

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